In 2015, SANKEM HEALTHCARE, INC., has established partnership with Agency for Medical Innovations (A.M.I.), Austrian manufacturer of medical technology based in Feldkirch, Austria. AMI develops and manufactures innovative medical products and treatment methods for surgical application.


HAL is suitable for treating low- to medium-grade haemorrhoids, and is extremely effective in addressing the symptoms of haemorrhoidal disease


RAR method is used to treat the prolapsing haemorrhoids that occur during more advanced stages of the disease. RAR involves one or more mucopexies of prolapsing mucosa, carried out after the haemorrhoidal arteries have been ligated.

  • All with no cables.
  • The new wireless way to treat haemorrhoids.
  • The third generation of HAL-RAR equipment combines all the advantages of these procedures with the world’s first wireless technology for Doppler-guided treatment of haemorrhoids.


Manufacturer: Agency for Medical Innovations (Austria)