SCANLUX® is a key product for SANKEM’s radiology business.  It is used for CT/X-rays and contains the active ingredient iopamidol.  SCANLUX® is a non-ionic, low-osmolal contrast media for intravenous and intraarterial use.  It is used for a variety of radiographic procedures including angiography, arthography, myelography, and urography.  It is also used for contrast enhancement during computed tomography.


Scanlux 300 mg

iodine/ml 1 ml contains IOPAMIDOL 612 mg/ml equivalent to 300mg iodine 50 and 100 ml


Scanlux 370 mg

iodine/ml 1 ml contains IOPAMIDOL 755 mg/ml equivalent to 370mg iodine 50 and 100 ml

Cyclolux® is a macrocylic gadolinium contrast agent indicated for the enhancement of the contrast in Magnetic Resonance Imaing (MRI) for a better visualization/delineation in:

Adult and pediatric population (0-18 years)

  • MRI of the CNS including lesions of the brain, spine and surrounding tissues
  • Whole body MRI including lesions of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, pelvis, lungs, heart, breast, and musculoskeletal system

Adult population

  • MRI angiography including lesions or stenosis of the non-coronary arteries


  • 1 ml solution for injection contains 279.32 mg Gadoteric acid equivalent to 0.5mmol/ml in 10ml presentation